How to improve activity on your Ideas portal?

Let’s face it, the power of Wishly lies in the hands of your users. The more active they are, the more valuable the tool becomes. Picture this: you’ve launched your Ideas portal, but it’s as silent as a ghost town. Without user interaction, it’s essentially pointless. But when your users are buzzing, submitting new ideas, voting, and commenting, it transforms into a goldmine of insights, guiding you towards smarter business decisions.

So, how can you improve the activity on your Ideas portal? Let’s dive into some actionable steps you can take.

Integrate the Idea Portal on Your Website

The first step after setting up your portal? Make it easily accessible by linking it to your website and application. This way, your users can stumble upon it and share their brilliant ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Here are some ideas:

  • The main navigation bar
  • Your website’s footer
  • The support page
  • Your Help Center
  • The Knowledge Base

Channel Existing Requests to Your Idea Portal

Chances are, your users are already suggesting features they’d love to see. They might just be using different channels. Next time someone shares an idea, guide them towards your Wishly portal and encourage them to submit their request there. Alternatively, you could take the initiative and add their suggestion yourself. Here are a few channels to look at:

  • support chats & emails
  • social media mentions
  • community groups
  • interviews with your customers

Spread the Word About Your Ideas Portal

To foster the adoption of your Ideas portal, shout about it from the rooftops. Include information about it in your next user update. Explain what it is, how to use it, and the vision behind it. This not only informs your users but also builds excitement around this new way they can contribute to your product’s evolution.

Remember, Wishly is a tool designed to connect you with your users in a meaningful way. By promoting your Ideas portal and encouraging engagement, you’re opening up a channel for insightful, user-driven product development. So, get out there and start the conversation!

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