Turn user ideas into winning features

Empower your users to share and vote on ideas, and build features that truly matter.

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Empower Your Product with User Insights

Discover the benefits of engaging your users in the development process and building features that truly matter.


Collect feature ideas directly from your users. Implement the right things, the right way


Validate your product ideas and avoid building features nobody will use


Identify the most engaged users for product interviews, beta testing, or community leadership roles


Categorize, prioritize and rank the most wanted feature ideas organically


Engage in discussions with users to refine the scope of requested features


Include users in shaping product roadmap by allowing them to submit new ideas and vote on the most impactful ones

How does Wishly work

Start collecting ideas for new features directly from your users. Engage in in-depth discussions to understand how they envision them


Create Wishly ideas portal

Create your ideas portal and share it with your users


Collect users' ideas

Capture, review and categorize feature ideas in one place


Explore the ideas further

Collaborate with users to precisely define the scope that maximizes the outcome


Learn about the idea

Engage in discussion with users about the future shape of the requested feature


Keep users updated

Build the requested feature and let people know their voice was heard

Discover valuable product insights

Allow your users to submit their product ideas and let them vote on the most wanted ones. Generate a list ranked by popularity and decide what to build next

Ideas Portal

Collect feature ideas

Analyse what features are important for your users, and understand how popular they are

approval process

Manage requested features

Manage submitted feature ideas by approving those you are considering building, tracking user interest, and keeping users informed about the development progress


Learn more about the idea

Use comments to engage in detailed discussions with your users. They help you understand how the feature should be built. Participate in comment sections or connect directly via email for additional insights


Prioritize the best ideas

Identify the most requested feature ideas and prioritize developing solutions that truly matter to them


Align Wishly with your brand

Customize the Ideas portal to match your branding, ensuring a seamless and cohesive user experience that reflects your unique identity

Learn how to use Wishly

You'll find everything you need to maximize your use of Wishly in our knowledge base

Streamline customer feedback

Discover how Wishly empowers product teams to build better software through user-based feedback